Used Machines Positions

EMSA offers machinery used, totally revised and, if the client requests, besides completely repaired and with guarantee. In addition, EMSA offers quotation of transportation to any place of the world. EMSA has a highly qualified technical team, and excellent facilities, with more than 32.000m2.

Additionally, EMSA offers a number of units for demonstrations or rent/buy option units that provides to the customer very modern machines in excellent condition.

The EMSA web page is regularly updated with all the new machines, and all its technical and photographic information.

At the same time, EMSA can help the customer to find the requested machine, by its national/international network of customers.

EMSA has a long experience in supplying used machines to companies located throughout the world, from China to Russia, passing by Portugal, France, England, Germany, Italy, Poland, Malta, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Dominican Republic, Brasil, Mexico, Thailand, Pakistan etc.

Used Machines Positions

Position 5/5

These machines are ex-demo units used fundamentally to carry out demonstrations with customers. The machine condition is excellent, and generally is supplied with a temporal guarantee.

Position 4/5

Machine is completely revised and repaired.

In these cases the checking process is the following:

  • The machines is completely overhaul and all the working parts will be changed against new original parts.
  • All mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components of the machine are replaced in those cases that be necessary.  Logically all the modifications or replacements are carried out with original spare parts of the manufacturer.
  • In any machine we analyze in detail what is the working condition of its core components, as the screeds in the asphalt pavers, milling drum in the cold planers or vibration system in the rollers.
  • Finally, in any case, the machine is completely painted using the original manufacturer color.

In these cases a guarantee of 6 months can be requested.

Position 3/5

The machine is offered in state of work, carrying out an extensive control of all its core components, and if is necessary are replaced with original pieces of the manufacturer.

Position 2/5

EMSA offers the machines in the same condition that we receive from the previous owner.  In this position EMSA not guarantee that the machine is in correct state of work, although any machine can be switched to a higher position in few days.

Position 1/5

The machine is not operational.

Generally, in these cases, the machine is offered with other similar machines in better condition, for spare parts of the others, or for stripping..

EMSA offers free quotation of any machine in any requested position, and also provides the customer with the information of which is the economic difference to put any machine in a better working position.